Company Profile

AGC Property Centre Sunnybank is a branch office of AGC Property Centre Surfers Paradise, and it is a successful real estate agency in the Gold Coast Region.

Based on its 30 years glorious history as a prestigious real estate agent, AGC Property Centre Pty. Ltd. Surfers Paradise has started its business expansion plan recently hoping to cover Australia’s 3 major Cities, namely Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. As a result, AGC Property Centre Sunnybank was born as the first step of the business expansion.

AGC Property Centre Sunnybank is located in the busiest shopping centre in Sunnybank, a southern suburb of Brisbane City. AGC Property Centre Sunnybank holds a corporate real estate agent license issued by the Queensland Government, and has full capacity in handling all real estate related business activities including buying, selling and renting of properties, brand new or second-hand.

AGC Property Centre Sunnybank has a friendly and professional sales team led by Dr Cam Tang who is an expert in a number of service industries and has extensive experience in working with numerous government authorities. Dr Tang’s academic achievements together with her sound knowledge of Australia’s social and legal system have gained her great respect and trust from her clients, customers and counterparts.

AGC Property Centre Sunnybank’s sales team consists of a number of professional people of various expertise and skills with some commonalities, that is, they are all well trained as a qualified real estate salesperson and are dedicated to helping our valued customers to get their real estate needs satisfied in the most effective way.

** AGC Property Centre Sunnybank is committed to servicing our clients with the highest standard of integrity and reliability **

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