Sunnybank Branch Principal

License No. 2200799
0409 133 286

Shuko was born in Tokyo, Japan. After finishing his college education in Japan & the USA, he migrated to Australia in 1973. He started his career as an accountant and later entered the Tourism Industry.

Around 30 years ago he challenged himself to step into the Real Estate Industry, where he gained his expertise in the identification, acquisition, and management of real estate investments, such as commercial, residential, resort, and strata title sectors. Leveraging outstanding analytical and organizational skills in sizing up the marketplace and competitive factors, conducting due diligence and research, to determine potential return-on-investment.

He has proven records of successfully optimizing value for investors through strong presentation and communications and negotiations skills with the ownership and lending groups.

In the last 10 years, he has been getting involved with many projects (what type of project- buying/selling?) not only in Australia but also in Middle East, Southeast Asia and Japan. He also acted as a very popular and busy property broker. After soaring around world, he still calls Gold Coast home.

He strongly believes, “The safest investment is real estate, if you build your profile correctly”.

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