Property Manager

License No. 3380758
07 5538 0117

Nicki Edwards is originally from Perth however relocated to the Gold Coast with her family in 1985. She joined our property management department as the Senior Property Manager in 2011.

Nicki not only brings a wealth of Real Estate experience spanning over 23 years to our company but also a level of professionalism which is second to none. Nicki is extremely approachable and very proactive. She has the right attitude in treating your investment property as if it were her own.

She thrives on having a career in Property Management and understands that all clients have different needs. She will endeavour to ensure that all matters are addressed in a timely manner to mutual satisfaction between all parties. Nicki states that the correct management of your property will enhance the value of your asset and minimize your financial exposure.

Nicki continues to maintain changes in the market and the tenancy act on a regular basis to provide 100% serviceability to her clients. She has great knowledge of the tenancy act which enables her to discuss any concerns you may have. Nicki’s previous co-workers would describe her as being a firm but reasonable person when discussing matters with owners and tenants.


Please be rest assured that Nicki is a great asset to our company by providing the best possible property management service for your investment property.

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