AGCPC Offering Lucky Draw $30,000

AGCPC Offering Lucky Draw $30,000

In conjunction with the announcement of our new website, AGC is offering a promotional prize draw valued up to AUD$30,000. It is easy, fun and most of all, there’ll be 8 winners in total – 1 grand prize winner, 1 second prize winner, 1 third prize winner and 5 lucky door prizes winners.

Read through the questions below and find our website for the answers. If your answers are correct, you will be in the draw for the Prize. Good luck!

1.What is the project name that AGC is promoting for celebrating new website?

2.What’s the “Starting from” price for the promoting project?

3.Which suburb is AGC new office at?

4.What year did AGC founder Cindy Chan start business in Australia? 

    (Hint: Company – Our Founder)

5.What’s the name of the employee that has worked for Cindy Chan for 29 years?

    (Hint: Company – Our Team)

As a customer focused agency, AGC wants our winners to receive the most impressive prizes – 2 pieces of 18ct Opal jewellery (Australia’s national gemstone) and a serpentine stone carving. There will be another five special door prizes for attendees at the venue on the draw day.

*Opal is a precious gemstone that takes millions years to form a little bit, which reflects how AGC conducts business – it may take decades to build a reputation – but it serves the most important function – it translates to happy long term clients. You are welcome to come to our Surfers Paradise Head office to view the prizes.

Grand Prize – $16,000

18ct Opal Jewellery- Australian hand-made

Solid Boulder 4.8 cts | 9 Diamonds 0.09 ct

Special designed by Cindy Chan. This stunning 18ct boulder opal pendant is outstanding with its natural and unique colors, bright rare red, blue and many other colours. The gorgeous opal is topped by 9 sparkling diamonds for added allure. With its strikingly unique cut, color, pattern and shape, no-one else will have anything like you!

2nd Prize – $7,500

Serpentine Stone Bull Carving (Year of the Bull, 2021)

This hand carved bull is perfect for home decoration or for a collection. With its unique red and brown mottled color and vivid bull shape, it expresses the intelligence, diligence and endurance characteristics of the animal.  Also, according to Chinese culture, Year of the Bull brings career advancement, success in business and prosperity. Whoever wins the Bull carving is definitely getting good luck in this year.  

3rd Prize – $5,000

18ct Opal Jewellery- Australian hand-made

Solid Boulder 7.6 cts

Designed by Cindy Chan. This beautiful and vivid blue opal pendant features a large natural boulder opal weights almost 8ct. It was cut to a pear shape, surrounded by a 18ct gold, finished to a high polish. It’s suitable for everyday wear.

Draw Start
The event starts on 4th June 2021 Friday 12 AM

Draw Close
The event closes on 29th October 2021

Draw Date
30th October 2021 Saturday

Terms and Conditions

We would like to invite you to attend this private function and watch the $30,000 Draw Prizes as well as FIVE door prizes to be given out on the day!  Come Join us and have fun! Snacks and drinks will be served.

Due to COVID restrictions, limited capacity available, RSVP required. Please  send us email with your name and number of attendees before 28th October Thursday to reserve your seats. Email address is :

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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