Australia’s hottest suburbs: October 2013

Based on data from the top 10 nationwide suburbs for the last quarter have been announced.

The suburbs are ranked by which are most in demand by buyers and investors, making the information invaluable across the property market.
With over 20 million visits every month to the latest data gives nationwide insight to the Australian property market.

South Australia tops the list – again

Once again, South Australia has come out on top, with the suburb of Parkside topping the list for the third time in 2013. The October Top Sellers’ Markets data also shows Victorian suburbs rising up the list, and shows the Sydney scene is changing.
The NSW suburb of Freshwater didn’t make the top 10 last quarter, but has emerged as second across the country in the latest data. Belair (SA), Ashwood (VIC), Blackburn South (VIC) and Stanmore (NSW) are all newcomers to the list this quarter.
Take a look below to see if your suburb (or neighbouring suburb), has made the list, if it did, now could be a good time to sell, as there’s considerable interestand significant demand.

Here’s the most coveted spots around the country, where selling might be a really good idea, and buying is definitely on a lot of people’s minds.

Top ranking suburbs nationwide

  1. Parkside (SA)
  2. Freshwater (NSW)
  3. Belair (SA)
  4. Newmarket (QLD)
  5. Surrey Hills (VIC)
  6. Ashwood (VIC)
  7. Blackburn South (VIC)
  8. Fitzroy North (VIC)
  9. Stanmore (NSW)
  10. Fullarton (SA)

Top 10 ranking suburbs in each state


Freshwater has maintained its popularity and position in the top five for the last six months, moving into the hotly contested top position for the first time this quarter. Demand for property in Stanmore has increased significantly over the last three months moving suburb from ninth position for second.

There are six suburbs – Thornleigh, Cherrybrook, Crows Nest, Winston Hills, Frenchs Forest and West Ryde – that are newcomers to the list this quarter.

James Smyth from Smyth Estate Agents has been based in the Freshwater area for 15 years and says that while the area has always been popular, he has seen demand lift even more in the last six months: “The area caters to a wide range of buyers. There are properties for those looking to downsize, new developments and renovation opportunities. With no main roads running through the suburb, the area has a unique village atmosphere which is very popular with buyers.”

  1. Freshwater
  2. Stanmore
  3. Thornleigh
  4. Cherrybrook
  5. Pennant Hills
  6. Wollstonecraft
  7. Crows Nest
  8. Winston Hills
  9. Frenchs Forest 
  10. West Ryde
View Suburb data and trends for Freshwater


Newmarket has increased over the last three months, moving into the top position from fifth last quarter. Wilston has maintained a position at the top of the list for the last six months, moving from third position to second.

Previously number one, demand for property in Holland Park has decreased with suburb now in fifth position. Spring Hill and Red Hill are the only newcomers to the list this quarter, while Mansfield has grown in popularity – moving from eighth position to third.

Real estate agent Simone Weigall from Place Newmarket say that the suburb’s popularity is not a surprise and that demand in the area has been steadily increasing for a few months: “Buyers are attracted to the lifestyle options available in Newmarket. Within minutes you can be watching a concert at Suncorp Stadium, eating at beautiful restaurants, bike riding along the paths or cheering your children on at their weekend sports. The suburb has it all.”

  1. Newmarket
  2. Wilston 
  3. Mansfield
  4. Stafford Heights
  5. Holland Park
  6. Spring Hill
  7. Red Hill 
  8. Grange
  9. Paddington
  10. Tarragindi
View suburb data and trends for Newmarket


Leanyer is still high with the suburb maintaining its number one position for the second quarter in a row. There are three newcomers – Coconut Grove, Rapid Creek, and Woodroffe – to the top ten list this quarter, with Coconut Grove and Rapid Creek gaining significant popularity to enter in second and third positions respectively.

Fannie Bay and Karama have maintained a high level of buyer demand, remaining in the top five for the last six months.

Real estate agent Glenn Grantham from Raine & Horne in Darwin says that while Leanyer has always been popular with buyers, more people are recognising the value for money that the suburb offers: “Leanyer is well located and offers properties which are more affordable than some of the surrounding suburbs. With convenient access to the beach, hospitals and with a couple of shopping centres nearby, there has always been a big demand for property in the area,” he said.

  1. Leanyer
  2. Coconut Grove
  3. Rapid Creek
  4. Fannie Bay
  5. Karama
  6. Rosebery
  7. Parap
  8. Woodroffe
  9. Gray
  10. Nightcliff
View Suburb data and trends for Leanyer


Bull Creek has maintained its position in the top ten, despite dropping down from second to tenth over the last three months.

There are seven newcomers – Nedlands, Booragoon, East Victoria Park, Karrinyup, Bassendean, Melville and Como – to the October top ten suburbs list. Mount Hawthorn has maintained a position in the top five, dropping from its number one position last quarter to come in at third this quarter.

Real estate agent Adam Gilbert from Realmark in Western Australia says that demand for property in Nedlands is at an all-time high, with buyers recognising the convenience and appeal of the area: “Nedlands offers property that caters to a wide variety of buyers, including investors, entry-level buyers, professional couples and families. Quarter acre blocks are popular with families, while there are also options for those looking to downsize or upsize further.

  1. Nedlands 
  2. Booragoon 
  3. Mount Hawthorn
  4. East Victoria Park
  5. Karrinyup
  6. Bassendean
  7. Melville
  8. Duncraig
  9. Como
  10. Bull Creek
View Suburb data and trends for Nedlands


Parkside is still popular with South Australian property hunters, while demand in the suburb of Belair has increased significantly over the last three month as the suburb enters the list in second position.

There are four newcomers – Belair, Burnside, Torrens Park, Edwardstown – to the top October ten list, with the suburb of Fullarton re-entering the top ten after falling off the list last quarter.

Real estate agent John McRostie from Smallacombe Real Estate in Kingswood says that it is the proximity of Parkside to the city which primarily attracts buyers to the area: “I have been selling property in Parkside for the last 18 years, and in that time I have witnessed a number of different growth periods. The most recent is an increase in demand from first home buyers and young, professional couples who like to be close to the city. Additional conveniences like restaurants and cafes are an added bonus for these buyers.”

  1. Parkside
  2. Belair
  3. Fullarton
  4. Norwood
  5. Aldgate
  6. Burnside
  7. Beaumont
  8. Torrens Park
  9. Edwardstown
  10. Brighton
View Suburb data and trends for Parkside


Surrey Hills has remained strong for the last six months, demand in Bulleen has shifted slightly, moving the suburb from seventh position last quarter to tenth this quarter. Blackburn South is regaining popularity, moving from fourth to third position.

Ashwood, Viewbank, Vermont and Ivanhoe are newcomers to the top ten sellers’ list this quarter, while Chadstone has re-entered the list in sixth position after dropping off last quarter. Demand for property in Fitzroy North has dropped slightly, as the suburb moved from second position to fourth over the last three months.

Real estate agent Steven Abbott from Jellis Craig in Hawthorn says that interest in Surrey Hills has been growing steadily for the last five years: “Surrey Hills has gained a profile in the last five years as people recognise the land value opportunities in the area. Similar to the neighbouring suburbs of Mont Albert and Canterbury, the suburb offers a range of Edwardian, Victorian and broad period style, traditional family homes and is close to two train stations and a village,” he said.

  1. Surrey Hills
  2. Ashwood
  3. Blackburn South
  4. Fitzroy North
  5. Wantirna
  6. Chadstone
  7. Ivanhoe
  8. Viewbank
  9. Vermont
  10. Bulleen
View Suburb data and trends for Surrey Hills


Wright has increased significantly in the last three months as it enters the list in the top position. Kambah is also a newcomer to the top ten list, while Narrabundah has re-entered the top ten after falling off the list last quarter.

Watson and Griffith have maintained popularity and positions in the top five for the last six months.

Real estate agent Jason Roses from Luton Property says that demand for property in Wright can be partially attributed to recent changes to the First Home Buyer Grant, which started from 1 September 2013: “Wright is a new sub-division, only three kilometres from the city. Changes to the First Home Buyer Grant means that first home buyers receive $12,500 for new homes or off the plan properties. The range and number of properties available in Wright, make it appealing to all demographics. It is a family-friendly area, which offers opportunity for first home buyers and investors alike.

  1. Wright 
  2. Griffith
  3. Watson
  4. Bonner
  5. MacGregor
  6. Narrabundah
  7. Harrison
  8. Franklin
  9. Kambah
  10. O’Connor
View Suburb data and trends for Griffith


Inner city suburbs continue to dominate the Tasmanian top sellers’ list with West Hobart, North Hobart and Hobart all in the top five. South Hobart has dropped down the list slightly over the last three months, moving from third position to seventh.

Bellerive has increased in popularity slightly, moving from fourth to third, while Sandford is a newcomer, entering the list in tenth position.

Real estate agent Sam Towns from Petrusma Property says that demand for inner city properties in Tasmania has always been relatively strong: “Proximity to the city is a major popularity driver for West Hobart but the area also offers large family-sized properties and is close to parks and greenery, as well as cafes and schools.”

Did your suburb make the list?

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