English courses in Australia

As we’ve discussed on other parts of this site, Australia is one of the top locations for people to go when they study abroad. But what if you are someone who still doesn’t feel comfortable with the English language? Sure, you may be able to understand it somewhat, but reading and speaking English may be difficult for you. Should you avoid studying in Australia?
Absolutely not! There are a lot of opportunities that you will have for studying English if you decide to study abroad in Australia.
Generally, in order to be accepted for school in Australia, you need to have certification that you have an adequate knowledge of the English Language.
There are several internationally accepted exams that you can take in order to be accepted at a university in an English speaking country. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Cambridge Exam are the most popular and the most widely accepted exams out there.
Along with testing, a lot of the universities in Australia offer English as a Second Language courses that you can take before or alongside your regular coursework. These courses are often intense and have the intention of teaching you English as quickly as possible so that you can adapt to life in Australia and speaking English without a lot of frustration.
University English as a Second Language courses are usually smaller classes (instead of the large lecture classes you may have for other general education classes). The reason for this is because learning a second language requires a lot of individual attention. You may also be assigned a partner that is a native English speaker to help you learn the language more quickly via conversation and interaction.
Some opportunities to get a better grip on the English language will also come up during your everyday interactions; the more that you are immersed in the English language, the more easily you will pick the language up and the better you will be able to speak it. If you live with a host family or a roommate, your interactions with them may be enough for you to get a better handle on the language than you did before.
There are also special opportunities for people who are migrating to Australia permanently. The Australian government has a special program known as the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). These programs provide free English language courses to those who have migrated to Australia for work or humanitarian efforts. Eligibility is determined by the Australian department of Immigration and Citizenship.
As you can see, Australia does everything that they can to help those who are coming to the country from other countries that don’t speak English as the primary language. If you need more assistance or have any questions about learning the English language prior to or during your time in Australia, check out the Department of Immigration and Citizenship webpage. You can also talk to the international studies office at the university that you are attending. Either of these sources will be able to give you the resources that you need in order to succeed.

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