$6 billion worth of projects to bring tradies flocking back

THE Gold Coast’s looming construction boom is set to put a strain on the local workforce and bring miners back to the city.

Sinclair Recruitment senior construction recruiter Peter Remfrey said tradies would be a rare commodity within eight months as the city braced for more than $6 billion worth of projects in the pipeline.

“Anything from chippies, sparkies and plasterers to civil engineers on major infrastructure projects will be in massive demand,” he said.

“My advice to the average worker is start reskilling now and get your trade certificates up.

“You will be in high demand and will be able to make top dollar if you play your cards right.”

The massive Jewel project will need 2500 people to build three towers. Picture: Scott Fletcher.

Broadbeach’s Pacfic Fair redevelopment is expected to cost more than $670 million and provide work to around 1100 contractors.

In Surfers Paradise, the long-awaited $1 billion Jewel project will need another 2500 people to build three glistening towers on the beachfront.

Jupiters Hotel and Casino will also spend $345 million rejuvenating the resort and building a luxury, 17-storey, six-star hotel tower.

The Bulletin can reveal tender applications for the casino’s new tower closed yesterday.

An artist’s impression of how the $950 million Jewel development will look.

The entire Jupiter’s project will employ more than 1500 people.

Mr Remfrey said the increase in jobs would bring tradies who had fled after the Global Financial Crisis, back to the Coast.

“There was a mass exodus of tradies on the Gold Coast and they all went to work in the mines,” he said.

“Now the mining industry is slowing down they will all come back to work on these major projects. It will be great for the city.”

Work is well under way at Jupiters Hotel and Casino. Picture: Mike Batterham.

Construction Skills Queensland chief executive Brett Schimming said the biggest job creator, the Jewel development, would stimulate the entire city’s economy.

“It’s great to see major project activity on the Gold Coast stimulating the economy and creating jobs in the region,” he said.

“It is more important than ever that we have a skilled workforce capable to take on this multi-million dollar project.”

Wanda Ridong Gold Coast director Andrew Bampton, who is managing the Jewel development, said the finished product would also boost tourism.

“The Gold Coast has suffered a jobs crisis since the GFC, particularly in the construction industry,” he said.

“As the first major development since the GFC, we expect the Jewel project to have a significant impact on local businesses.

“Unemployment had reached as much as double the national average in some parts of the Gold Coast following the GFC.

“We are confident this project will have a significant impact on employment not just here, but right across the southeast.”

How Jupiters will look after its redevelopment.


1. Concreters

2. Scaffolders

3. Crane operators.

4. Painters

5. Engineers


Pacific Fair: $670 million, 1100 jobs.

Jewel: $970 million, 2500 jobs.

Jupiters Hotel and Casino: $345 million, 1500.

Pacific Fair’s $670 million redevelopment. Picture: Tim Marsden.

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