Southport Key Characteristics & Opportunities

Southport is designated as a Principal Regional Activity Centre in the SEQ Regional Plan 2009-2031.
It is a major centre for employment being the key focus of government administration within the city, and it houses a strong concentration of education providers.
Southport is characterised by a vibrant mix of retail, commercial, community, recreation, financial, legal and medical services, as well as research facilities and tertiary and vocational education institutions.
The Southport Broadwater Parklands is a focus of community activity and provides a venue for major cultural, sporting and community events, including the Gold Coast Marathon.
The Gold Coast Rapid Transit system will integrate with the centre of Southport and will connect theGold Coast University Hospital to Broadbeach by 2014. There will be five light rail stations within the Southport precinct, making it easily accessible to other areas of the city, such as Surfers Paradiseand Griffith University, and supporting expansion of its knowledge-based workforce and residential base. Transit oriented development (TOD) opportunities will be available around the rapid transit stations. The development of a night time economy is encouraged for the area to provide after-hours dining and entertainment options for the local workforce and residents.
In 2010 the Southport Business Community Profile Project was conducted to gain a snapshot of the local business in the area and collect ideas and opinions about the precinct. The information can be used to guide future programs and initiatives in the area.

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