Gold Coast Chinatown

Gold Coast Chinatown will bring a sense of home and community to the thousands of permanent residents, and international students studying at Gold Coast universities, English language schools and colleges, and support Chinese and Asian visitors to our city.

Gold Coast Chinatown will be true to the Gold Coast spirit and will represent our new world relationship with the Asia-Pacific region.

Sister Cities

City of Gold Coast currently has nine Sister Cities Agreements.

In April 2013, two Sister City delegates came to the Gold Coast, Ms Joyce Lin, Taipei City Government Department of Urban Development, and Ms Xiaomei Lan, Zhuhai Institute of Urban Planning and Design, to partake in a workshop to inspire the cultural embellishments of Gold Coast Chinatown. A group of 40 stakeholders representing the community, academia and business came up with cultural design ideas for the gateways, street furniture, decorative lighting and public art.

City of Gold Coast is seeking commitment from four of our Sister Cities (Tainan and Taipei, Taiwan and Zhuhia and Beihai, China) for the gateways, with each city to respond to the design brief and develop a concept for a Paifang (a traditional Chinese architectural gating style as an arch) which is representative of both cities.

$3.5m streetscape – Centre Improvement Program (CIP)

In April 2013, City of Gold Coast offered commercial property owners in Davenport Street the opportunity to enter into partnership with CIP to complete the revitalisation works and received a positive vote to go ahead. Together with previous support for a CIP in Young Street, a total of $3.5 million has been allocated to design and deliver a streetscape foundation in Southport, specifically the Gold Coast Chinatown precinct.

Precinct Plan

The Gold Coast Chinatown Precinct Plan includes the streetscape design, retail and events strategies plus investment attraction activities and management.

From 12 to 19 July, Gold Coast Chinatown had a shopfront open at Australia Fair for the community to visit and find out more information about the project. During this week, the community could view the Precinct Plan, the streetscape design for Young and Davenport Streets, and had an opportunity to view a 3D animation of the precinct. In addition to the visual aspects, the community were able to explore the importance of Asian investment in the development of the City of Gold Coast.

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